Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deadmau5's New Tattoo

Earlier this month, techno music god Deadmau5 covered his left arm with a bizarre tattoo.

The tattoo features the cult horror monster, Cthulhu, grappling with a female figure towards the bottom.

Just obnoxious :)
One of my favorite music artists. This really illustrates his sense of humor quite well.
~cheers and happy Hump Day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Workout *Food Stack* for Mass Gaining

(Taken from

Here's an article I recently took interest in- a 'food stack' meal plan for packing on pounds of muscle.
The plan uses Carbs + Protein in all its steps to optimize muscle gains.
All of the items used are actually natural and relatively healthy items that you can find at your grocery store. Here goes-

-Protein = Eggs
Nutrition Facts For 1 Large Egg White: 
16 Calories
3g of Protein
.5g of Carbs
0g of Fat
-Carbs  = Oats
Nutrition Facts For 1 Cups Of Dry Oats: 
120 Calories
3g of Protein
25g of Carbohydrates
1.5g of Fat

-Protein = Tuna
Nutrition Facts For 1 Cup Of Tuna In Water, Drained: 
180 Calories
39g of Protein
0g of Carbs
1.25g of Fat

-Carbs  = Brown Rice
Nutrition Facts For 1 Cup Of Brown Rice, cooked:
220 Calories
4.5g of Protein
45g of Carbohydrates
1.5g of Fat

Protein = Chicken
Nutrition Facts for 1 cup of Roasted Diced Chicken: 
215 Calories
38g of Protein
0g of Carbs
6g of Fat

Carbs  = Brown Beans
Nutrition Facts For 1 Cup Black Beans, Dried: 
225 Calories
15g of Protein
41g of Carbs
Less than 1g of Fat

(Anytime) Snack:
-Protein = Cottage Cheese
-Carbs  = Pinapple Slices
-Fat      = Flax Seeds/Almonds/Olive Oil

Listed are several alternative meals that are also great sources of Protein/Carbs. Check out the link at the top for more info.

I hope you all pick up how simple it can be to eat right. All you need is a plan!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More on video games - Starcraft Universe *Female Character Models*

A short update on what's been going on with SC:U as of late-

Zealot (female)

The explosively popular in-development map Starcraft Universe has posted a new update: female character models.
I want you all to get past how trivial this update may seem and instead focus on how much detail they are adding to the game.  The models are VERY good, and hopefully it could be inferred that the rest of the game design will follow suit.

High Templar (female)

The overall progress of the game is slowly gliding forward. Personally I hope they take their time and set a new precedent for Custom Maps in SC2. Blizzcon 2011 in October has promised a pvp arena gameplay for SC:U, so hopefully we can jump into an open beta by the end of this month or beginning of next.

Preserver (female)

Thanks for staying posted. Happy gaming!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Diablo III Beta - Leaked

That's right, there's just been a leak of some screenshots and footage from the highly anticipated Diablo III Beta this month. This means both that someone has shared when they shouldn't have and, more excitingly, that beta keys must have started rolling out to a small population (most likely 'friends and family' of Blizzard employees) already!!

Have a look here:

The video reveals mostly character creation and what the first few beginning moments of the game are like. This is, for some reason, taken from a user with very low graphics settings so it's nothing too visually dazzling.
The Beta is said to be on track for an invite-only release later this month! Anyone with a account is eligible and, if you haven't already signed up, here's how:

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am? Enjoy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chris Langan - 'World's Smartest Man'

Chris Langan was listed in Guinness Book of World Records as being the worlds smartest person--in other words, the highest scoring on the hardest IQ test. The smartest person slot in Guinness was dropped because it wasn't politically correct.
Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

This man was also profiled in "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. Apparently having the highest IQ doesn't equip you for success by itself. He spends his days at trivial jobs like bar bouncing, and devotes all spare time to intensely thinking on philosophy.
What do you guys think- is this just what he was born to do? Where would you take yourself in life, with a cerebral engine under your hood this powerful? Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ran across this guy's website yesterday.
He gets really intellectual with philosophy, humor and even some conspiracy theory- easy and deep at the same time. Great examples used for everything- seems like a really bright and quirky man. He even puts up his hate mail for display ( Seriously, check this out.

Want to jump into something really interesting? Earth Minimal Language Tutorial: a guide to a universal language. (

Here, he has plans for a real life Iron Man

And if you don't like reading, here's a tall page pinned up and down with youtubes (

Seriously, check this out (have I said that yet?).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

*Site Update* - Privacy Policy

--Updated the blog with a legal Privacy Policy. Includes a bunch of legal jargon and contact info.**

hint hint: this blog may become an official site soon. I have big plans- stay tuned.  : )